About Dana

When I was little I could always sense energy, and it had a big impact on me. I could tell how people were feeling and my energy changed depending on theirs. I could even sense energies when no one was in the room. I never had a word for it until I was much older and learned about empaths and intuitive gifts. Through my healer and teacher, Andrea Housey, I learned how to create healthy boundaries and access my psychic abilities to help others on this journey through life.

I love studying the universe and out of pure curiosity, I had my natal chart read by a professional astrologer in 2018. A year after that reading, I listened to the recording and heard her say that I could do what she did (meaning astrology). I had completely forgotten about that passing comment between all of the other accurate information she was giving me, but the seed had been planted and I was on my way. After being divinely guided to my astrology teacher, I was reading for clients professionally within 6 months.


In my free time, I enjoy nature walks, traveling the world and experiencing foreign cultures, cooking, baking, and studying quantum physics. Born and grew up in Wichita, KS, and I currently live in Dallas, TX.

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