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“Our lives come with instructions. Learn how to figure out your next steps by understanding your unique birth chart.”


Meet Dana

Working with others to help them grow and reach their full potential brings me joy and fulfillment and is a small way I can give back to the Universe for the incredible healers and psychics that have helped me.

Astrology and tarot are tools that have been instrumental in leading me to my true path and purpose. It's amazing how much peace we can experience when we understand what is going on "behind the scenes." 


This is why I love serving as an intuitive guide who helps others find their joy and purpose.

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Any information entered will go to a 3rd party site unrelated to Dana Blick and This Astro Life, LLC. The natal chart report is not a product or representation of Dana Blick and This Astro Life, LLC.

Intuitive Sessions

  • 1 hr

    100 US dollars
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Why Astrology?

Ever wonder what your superpower is? Why do certain patterns in your life keep repeating? When the best time is to take action?

These are just a few of the multitude of questions that astrology can help answer.

Understanding yourself on a deeper level and how the Universal energies impact you helps you to maximize the positive periods and manage more difficult moments. 

If we know what's coming/part of our plan we don't have to resist it becomes easier to let go of attachment


“Dana is an amazing astrologer and teacher. She has a clear and gentle way of complex astrological insights, framing challenges as opportunities and offering practical tips for how to manage the astrological potentials. I highly recommend her and her work.”

Annie Botticelli, Astrologer, Teacher, Radical Self-Development Mentor, Author, Blogger, Founder and Teacher at Shine Your Brilliance University, Astaria School of Practical Magic, and Luminous Life Multiversity